Begun in 1985 as a literacy program utilizing visual art books to teach English to children from mainland China, SEQ ART KIDS has, in the last quarter-century, grown into a full-fledged integrated arts education program. SEQ ART KIDS is a proven success and has been presented in dozens of NYC public schools.

The photograph below, by a 5th-grade SEQ ART KIDS student, won First Prize in the NYC Department of Education's 2008 citywide competition. The Chancellor presented the prize, and the winning photograph was included in "PS Architecture," a public exhibition at The Center for Architecture in Manhattan.

"The assignment I had for this picture to be taken was a pattern assignment. We had to look for patterns around our neighborhood. We also have to look for patterns in society. This photo was taking place in the park by my school. In my photo, I felt as if I was hidden or locked up. I felt this way because I was crouching underneath the bridges and no one saw me. Also, the ladders were all around me and I thought I couldn't get out. I was having a feeling of entrapment." -Raphaela, 5th grade, SEQ ART KIDS

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